the edge of perfection

Expert EdgeOur countertops are so much more than the material it is made from. While we pride ourselves on our great products and superior selection, we recognize what really sets us apart in the industry is our dedication to superior service. We eliminate the uncertainty that is typically associated with construction projects through our exclusive process we call ExpertEdge™.

Leveraging the business principles found in Synchronous Flow, a proven manufacturing industry approach to operations management, we actively synchronize all of our business and manufacturing processes, creating a holistic operational approach. This equips us to manage your project in a highly proactive, timely and efficient manner. This process allows us to schedule the completion of your project with certainty.

By combining these sound business principles with our proven industry knowhow and experience, we have created the ExpertEdge difference, providing our customers a better, more effective way to source, select and purchase their countertops. Through ExpertEdge, customers trust us to deliver:

  • Superior quality – From the industry experts that guide customers in choosing their ideal surface, to the showroom designers that help them visualize their selection, to our trained installers that ensure a flawless installation, you can trust Cutting Edge Countertops to always go the extra mile to ensure that quality is delivered for every countertop, every installation…every time.
  • Speed– We understand how busy our customers are and how important their time is. That’s why we strive to deliver our countertops in the quickest most reliable manner, without ever sacrificing quality. In fact, when selecting the premium surfaces in our exclusive Studio Collection, we are generally able to complete the entire process within one to two weeks, template to install. That’s half the time or less of most competing countertop companies.
  • Reliability – Once all of your selections have been made, our process allows us to determine the exact date for the installation of your coutertops. This allows you to plan accordingly and coordinate other subcontractors you may have working on your project thereby reducing the overall project timeframe.
  • Competitive pricing –At Cutting Edge Countertops, we believe our customers should never have to compromise quality for cost. Our ExpertEdge process enables us to leverage the most efficient business operations and never needlessly elongate the buying process, so we’re able to provide our superior surfaces, selection and installation at a highly competitive price.