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5 Ways You Are Accidentally Ruining Your Kitchen Countertops

You May Be Ruining Your Kitchen Stone Countertops Without Knowing It

Kitchen stone countertops are the most important workspaces in the home. They are custom made, fabricated, & built to withstand regular cleaning, food preparation, daily use, pesky stains, and so much more. Despite the durability found in top-quality countertops, damages can still happen over time if you are not careful! Many homeowners do not know that they are doing things that can potentially hurt their countertops in the long run. Even if you invest in kitchen stone countertops from the leading brands and top fabricators, it is important to know all the ways that you can avoid and prevent permanent damages. Follow along with Cutting Edge Countertops to learn about the many ways you can keep your countertops in tip-top shape.

Hot Pots and Pans

Yes, pots and pans! There are many countertop materials out there, such as granite, quartz and ultra-compact surfaces, that can tolerate high temperatures. Many people choose these countertops because they are quite convenient especially during food preparation, cooking, and baking. It is much easier to grab a hot pan and place it directly on the countertop instead of searching for something to protect the surface. Even though certain countertops can handle high temperatures, we strongly advise homeowners to still use placemats, towels, or hot pads. You must remember that the better you care for your counters, the longer they will last. In some situations, placing hot pans directly on the countertop without protection can result in cracking or discoloration. You can also use trivets and pot holders as barriers that will help in avoiding permanent burn marks.

Cutting, Slicing, And Chopping

Some people may believe that because they have invested in durable and long lasting countertops that they are able to abuse them more than they should. We often see people slicing, cutting, dicing, and chopping directly on their granite, marble, and quartz countertops. But what is the real issue here? You may have gotten scratch and stain resistant countertops but when you are constantly chopping and cutting on your counters, you only increase the chances of damaging your countertops (and not to mention, you’re knives!). It is simply better to use cutting boards. Fine scratches can still occur and disrupt the water-proof sealant making the countertops more susceptible to damages down the road.

Water Build Up

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Water build up should not be an issue if your countertops are sealed right? False. In fact, sealing countertops only allows liquids to not seep through and prevent stains. When you leave liquids spills on the countertop surface for too long, you increase the chances of potential damages. Pools of water can cause white crusty build up and stains when left on the surface. While you don’t have to run to wipe up the spills, you should also not let them sit there until they evaporate. When you wipe your countertops make sure you dry them off afterward to prevent future issues.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods are very harmful to kitchen stone countertops. Some countertop materials are made from calcium carbonate, which is a chemical base. Certain countertop materials are quite sensitive to acidic foods and liquids. A simple splash of lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, wine, vinegar or tomato sauce will cause etches on the surface and dull spots as well. Make sure you are not leaving acidic foods on your countertop surfaces because this will result in discoloration. Even if your counters are stain resistant, we advise that you are still cautious. Learn how to clean your countertops the right way.

Too Much Weight

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Many hard surfaces will crack under pressure. Stone kitchen countertops are no exception when it comes to excessive weight. When you place heavy items or objects near any unsupported edges damages may occur. You can expect cracks, fractures, and ruptures that are expensive & difficult to repair. A very common example of this kind of situation is placing a microwave directly on a countertop overhang. Make sure you think twice about where you place certain objects!

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