Update Your Home With Granite Countertops
Granite 101

Find Granite Counters Near You

Find Granite near you at one of our Cutting Edge Countertops showrooms located in Perrysburg, Troy, Wixom, Noblesville, Delaware and S. Indianapolis. We offer high-quality granite countertops that will last you a lifetime with the proper love and care. Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials around the world. This is because the characteristics of granite appeal to many homeowners, designer and builders.

Granite are a unique natural stone because no two pieces of granite are exactly alike. Each slab of granite is extraordinary and truly one of a kind! Granite adds richness to the kitchen and can really elevate a space. Find the pattern, color, design, and style of granite that goes best with your lifestyle when you visit one of our showrooms near you in Ohio, Michigan or Indianapolis.

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What Makes Granite A Unique Countertop Material?

Granite is without a doubt a longtime favorite of all kitchen and bath countertops. When comparing a granite slab to another granite slab you’ll quickly notice how different they are. The look and composition of granite is a product of the environment. Each individual piece of granite has its very own pattern shifts and color. Because of its uniqueness, we do recommend you view our granite selection in person at one of our showrooms near you.

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

Although granite countertops are quite stunning, the beauty of this stone definitely comes at a price. Contact one of our granite countertop experts at Cutting Edge Countertops today for pricing. There is a lot that goes into the final cost or estimate of your granite kitchen countertop installation. How big and how much granite you will need is a big factor that directly impacts the price. However, we do not want you to get discouraged because our team is here to help you out! We also offer special countertop financing options so that you don’t have to let your budget stand in the way of purchasing your dream granite countertop.

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Do I Have To Seal My Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Counters?

The answer is simple, yes. You definitely need to seal your granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. Even after you seal your granite countertops for the first time, you have to keep maintaining them to ensure they last for years to come. Granite is a porous stone that needs to be maintained properly. If you forget to seal your granite countertops they will be more susceptible to bacteria build up, staining, and more.

So if you are looking for granite countertops in the Midwest, look no further! We service Perrysburg, Troy, Wixom, Noblesville, Delawre, S. Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our Cutting Edge Countertops team is ready to help, contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment at a showroom near you. For more content about kitchen design trends, countertop surfaces, bathroom remodels and more visit our blog.

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